Ultra Fog for Wider 165 CECILIA

Ultra Fog has the pleasure to announce that we have provided the high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system for the fantastic 50m WIDER superyacht, the WIDER 165 “CECILIA”, which has been launched last week in Ancona and will be finished for the summer.
The second member of WIDER high-tech fleet, 165 Superyacht CECILIA will represent the same level of excellence of the highly-acclaimed WIDER 150. Created to fulfill the client’s needs with cutting-edge details. Innovative engineering, allows guests to transform tender garages into luxury beach areas, the creating of balconies in the owner’s apartment and the use of a private submarine for exploring the depths of the ocean, this is only the start of the technology onboard.
The exceptional comfort on board, is achieved using the award-winning WIDER diesel electric propulsion solution, with above average reduction of noise and vibration. This developing technology for newly built ships, requires custom fire protection for engine rooms. As Ultra Fog we have provided a customized solution using our type approved product to ensure the vessel is provided with a complete fire protection system.

May 28
Ultra Fog for Wider 165 CECILIA