Industry is extremely vulnerable to fire events, both when the buildings are active during the daytime, and at night, when machines may be unattended. A fire event can devastate a business, stopping it in its tracks.  Reducing downtime is therefore vital. Ultra Fog watermist systems never sleep and will protect your industry 24/7.    The reduced quantity of water discharged by an Ultra Fog system compared with conventional sprinklers means that clean up and downtime post fire event are minimised.  This flexible system has also been tested for high storage areas, where the damage to goods is proven to be far less than when a conventional sprinkler is installed.   Ultra Fog is safe and effective, and can be discharged without the need to evacuate staff. Ultra Fog is easy to install and simple to maintain over the life time of the system.  Increased nozzle spacing and small piping dimensions and no need for large water storage tanks, passes a significant installation cost saving to the customer which places Ultra Fog at the top of its class in terms of value for money and lifetime system maintenance.