We use cookies

Cookies are a common feature used on almost all websites.
Most common use is to remember your login or user experience so you don't have to sign in everytime you come back!

A cookie is a small variable that is saved by your browser to allow a website to recognise it and to store some information about your preferences. Cookies are used for different reasons, including helping you to stay logged in to your account, measuring visits on our site, recognising and remembering your preferences and showing you personalised ads.

Your personalised preferences

We work with well known partners like Google and Facebook to show you ads for products and services you might be interested in. Don't worry, you can always revisit these settings later.

Website Cookies

Note: Many cookies are set/unset only according to user interraction, on specific website sections (where cookies are required).
Cookies are set per device & browser. If anoter device/browser is used, previous cookie are lost!

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Cookie Usage Period  
wuf_session System framework session name 1 days Required
__gdpr GDPR Cookie consent. 365 days Optional