Fires in vehicles are not uncommon. According to NFPA statistics, they cover about 18% of all fires that take place in the USA and are the cause of 13% of deaths caused by fires
A small fire in an engine compartment can quickly develop into a much larger problem which poses a risk to life if the fire is allowed to spread to the passenger compartment. This can be further complicated when the vehicle contains many passengers.
Further to the risk of injury or death, there are secondary implications to the vehicle’s owner including the potential for damage to the company’s reputation, litigation, and financial costs arising from a fire within their fleet.
This is why it pays to protect with Ultra Fog.
Ultra Fog offers a highly efficient and effective fire extinguishing system, in a compact package which is easily integrated into new and existing vehicles. The system is easy to use – the fire extinguishing can be started manually or automatically. The system is tested and approved in accordance with internationally recognised fire test protocols: SP METHOD 4912 and UNECE R107.
Ultra Fog’s vehicle protection system ensures the safety of passengers and property.