> Ultra Fog Nozzles Test Tool

Test Tool is patented solution for Ultra Fog Nozzles to verify the function of sprinkler system. It let You flush each nozzle to check water quality.

> Nozzles with Glass Bulb

The nozzle with a bulb is normally closed and is used in systems with conventional activation. In the top of the nozzle there is a glass bulb that keeps a piston in place. The piston prevents the nozzle from leaking.

> Open Nozzles

The open nozzle is normally open and is used in systems with intelligent activation. The water will pass through the nozzle creating small droplets as soon as the pipe to the nozzle is pressurized with water.


Accumulator units can be painted to RAL specification. 

> Main electrical cabinet (AS1)

On the cabinet each pump can be started manually by turning the key switch from ”MAN/AUT” to “MAN” position and then each pump can be started individually.