Who We Are

Ultra Fog: A World Leader in the Development and Application of custom Quality fire protection solutions.

Established some 35 years ago, Ultra Fog is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure water mist fire suppression systems. Under new ownership since 2010, Ultra Fog has invested significant resources in its product development and now offers a comprehensive range of approved fire suppression solutions.

We provide flexible, quality-assured, approved systems to a growing list of international customers. Our services include design, plan approval, equipment supply, start-up & commissioning, international warranties and a lifetime provision of service and aftersales.

Ultra Fog's fire protection systems are adjustable for land, marine and offshore applications, as well for rolling stock and vehicles.

With a single high-performance nozzle, Ultra Fog can protect areas up to 48m2. The company's products are innovative and eco-friendly. These features are key factors in Ultra Fog's continuing growth and success in the international firefighting industry. 



- High cooling effect

- Low water consumption

- Reduced piping dimension

- Low system weight

- Flexible design

- Type approved for multiple application

- Global distribution and aftersales

- Protects up to 48m2 with a single nozzle