What we do

For more than 25 years Ultra Fog has been developing their high-pressure sprinkler system for fighting fires with water mist.

Our high-pressure water mist system is powerful, fast acting and fully approved by IMO, FM, UL and recognized by major State Fire Services.
We have a unique range of fog nozzles developed for a variety of applications.

A simple design with few components in the nozzle ensures high operational reliability and minimizes the cost of maintaining the system. 

We do not only make the nozzles, but we also supply all the components needed for installation, using and maintenance of the system including Pump Units, Section Valves, and Accumulators.

In 2017 Ultra Fog also developed a Nozzle Test Tool which facilitates and encourages our clients to ensure that their Water mist system remains fully functional throughout its lifetime. The Nozzle Tool is easy to use, a fail-safe system which enables the testing of every single nozzle without the need to dismount the nozzle from the ceiling or to break the temperature sensing bulb.

Ultra Fog -  your definition of fire safety.