Heavy Trucks

Ultra Fog specializes in providing high-quality fire protection systems for various industries, including heavy trucks and other vehicles used in transportation, mining, loading, agriculture, and forestry sectors.
Due to their workplace conditions and high operating temperatures, these vehicles are particularly vulnerable to fire hazards. Therefore, it is critical to have an appropriate and certified fire protection system in place.

Engine ignition is the leading cause of fires in heavy trucks, and to address this, Ultra Fog has developed a specialized system that is solely dedicated to engine fire protection. Our high-pressure water mist fire protection system is designed to keep heavy trucks safe from fire hazards, while also occupying minimal space.

Our fire protection system is tested and approved in accordance with the SP METHOD 4912 and UNECE R107 standards, ensuring that it meets the highest levels of quality and reliability.
At Ultra Fog, we believe in the philosophy of prevention being better than cure, and this is why we've developed a fire protection system that is specifically designed to prevent fires from occurring in the first place. Our system works by rapidly detecting and suppressing fires before they can cause significant damage to the heavy truck or the surrounding environment.

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