With Passenger & long distance cargo vessels – be they cruise ships, ferries,  or riverboats – the top priority is the safety of passengers and crew on board.  Ultra Fog’s reliable, fast acting extinguishing system can be integrated with on board monitoring and detection systems to maximise the ability to detect and control a fire incident on board.  Ultra Fog uses a reduced quantity of water, and has an unlimited discharge time, which enables the vessel to cope effectively even with the most serious fire event.   Ultra Fog systems use water, so are non-toxic and can be safely discharged without the need to evacuate passengers and crew.   The small quantity of water used in the Ultra Fog system, in areas such as Ro-Ro decks, will not compromise stability of the vessel while minimising clean up and downtime.  From a shipbuilder’s perspective Ultra Fog has recently tested and gained IMO and Class approval for a new high performing nozzle, which can protect up to 48m2 with a single nozzle.  This wider spacing passes on a huge saving to the customer in reducing the cost and time required for system installation.  As a turnkey solution, Ultra Fog has emerged as  ‘Best in Class’ in terms of price, quality and water/power consumption requirements.