Ultra Fog’s high pressure watermist system is powerful, fast acting and fully approved by IMO.  This advanced technology, engineered to customer’s requirements, uses only water to effectively extinguish fire:  Ultrafog controls, suppresses and extinguishes fire rapidly, using minimal quantities of water.  The effect is that fire events are easily and safely controlled, without harm to personnel or the need to evacuate the area prior to discharge.  The tiny amount of water used in comparison to conventional sprinkler systems means that clean up and costly down time can be reduced to a minimum.   Ultra Fog’s guiding principal to offer environmentally safe, reliable fire suppression, is very much in line with those of the alternative energy offshore sector.  At the same time Ultra Fog provides a secure environment for crew and personnel, and is approved by IMO and FM to cover a range of applications – public spaces, accommodation, engine rooms, computer control rooms, local protection, turbines and many others.