Gallery Description

The sprinkler nozzle in Ultra Fog sprinkler system is used to create water fog from pressurized water. The nozzles are totally developed by Ultra Fog AB and are unique in many ways. There are two main types of nozzles in the Ultra Fog system but common for both is the way the water fog is created. In most water fog nozzles the water is pressed through small holes which will create small droplets. In the Ultra Fog nozzle the water is pressed through small ditches in a washer which will create even smaller droplets and provide more effective fire extinguishing.
Both nozzle types are available in models that are to be mounted either with the piping inside a wall or ceiling or on the surface of a wall or ceiling. The nozzles can be coated or painted in almost any material or colour. As standard the nozzles are polished stainless steel.

Nozzles with glass bulb

The nozzle with a bulb is normally closed and is used in systems with conventional activation. In the top of the nozzle there is a glass bulb that keeps a piston in place. The piston prevents the nozzle from leaking. When the nozzle is affected by the heat of the fire, the glass bulb will burst releasing the piston. The water will then pass through the nozzle creating small droplets.

Open nozzles

The open nozzle is normally open and is used in systems with intelligent activation. The water will pass through the nozzle creating small droplets as soon as the pipe to the nozzle is pressurized with water.