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About Us

Ultra Fog: A World Leader in the Development and Application of custom Quality fire protection solutions.

Ultra Fog AB is an international company headquarted in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ultra Fog specializes in the development, design and application of high performance high pressure water mist sprinkler systems. Research, product development, manufacturing and component assembly are carried out in the HQ facility. Ultra Fog has a wide range of experience providing quality fire protection solutions for many complex projects in commercial, industrial, marine, and offshore facilities. Ultra Fog fire protection solutions are custom designed to meet worldwide fire safety regulations.

Effective High pressure/High Performance Water Mist Solutions.

Ultra Fog high performance water mist fire suppression uses up to 90% less water than conventional sprinkler systems .
High pressure water mist is very effective in extinguishing fires. The Ultra Fog High pressure / High performance water mist fire protection system produces a very fine mist of micro water droplets by forcing clean water through a specially designed patented high pressures nozzle.In a fire scenario the resulting mist reduces the heat in the enclosure very quickly, the expansion of the mist from water to steam aids the suppression process by reducing the amount of oxygen feeding the fire.
Clean water used in Ultra Fog systems, filtered by the pump station, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and people safe.

Why Ultra Fog is your best choice?

1. Ultra Fog: custom designed, highly engineered, quality manufactured fire suppression systems!

2. The mist developed by the performance of Ultra Fog high pressure patented nozzles has a definitive cooling effect on a fire.

3. The fine mist actually “cleans” the smoke, helping to remove particles of combustion.

4. Extinguishing effect of mist relative to the amount of water used is extraordinary.

5. Fast extinguishing – fast automatic sprinklers with low RTI value or by detectors.

6. Rapid expansion of water droplets reduces the oxygen in the fire zone.

7. Risk of flash over is substantially reduced or reduced to ZERO.

8. Using less water than conventional sprinklers reduces drain sizes and reduces the amount of hazardous waste generated from discharge.

9. Using less water than conventional sprinklers reduces the amount of water required to be stored. Less room, less weight.

10. Small stainless steel pipe dimensions result in less weight, ease of installation, and pipe networks that are easy to conceal.

11. Aesthetically pleasing nozzles.

12. The only wet sprinkler able to be tested while in service using Ultra Fog’s Patented Test tool.

13. WATER, the ultimate green agent, environmentally friendly, people safe and readily available.

14. Fire systems that have fast response are highly effective, quick and easy to put back into service.