A New Ultrafog Land Division in Northern Italy: Welcoming new

After several successful years of collaboration with the Italian company Fire Protection Solution Srl, and in order to give further impetus to the continuous and constant development of the "water mist" market in Italy, Ultrafog Srl has established a new division based in Rho in the province of Milan whose activities will be focussed on a wide range of land applications for water mist fire suppression.

The new Ultrafog Srl "Land Division" will directly promote, sell, design, install and maintain the water mist systems produced by Ultrafog in Italy.

Part of the organizational and sales structure of Fire Protection Solution SRL has merged into the new Ultrafog Srl "Land Division" with particular reference to colleague Alessio Mazzone who has been operating in the firefighting sector for over thirty years and is specialised in water mist applications in the land market.

Heading up the new Ultrafog Land Division is Alessio Mazzone,  assisted by a team of experienced colleagues including, Marco Ferrari technical and operational on-site manager,  Giordano Vaiani project designer with pluriannual experience in the design of water mist systems. The Division also includes Alessandra Mazzone who is responsible for office administration and sales support.

Contact:  Alessio Mazzone 388 4088895
Address: Via V. Monti, 52, 20017 – Rho (Miano)
Tel. +39 02 09943101