Fire protection for transport vehicles and heavy trucks

Ultra Fog system dedicated to vehicles

Ultra Fog, the company with over 30 years of experience in fire fighting, continues to develop its product range for different types of applications. In addition to marine, land, offshore, and rolling stock fire protection, In 2020, Ultra Fog launched a new line of its water mist system. This time the company introduces fire protection for passenger transport vehicles and heavy trucks.

The accumulator unit consists of two chambers - the first contains compressed gas, and the second is filled with fire extinguishing liquid
water. A piston separates the two sections. The cylinder contains a standby pressure of 110bar. An accumulator valve, located on the side of the water chamber, can be released in three different ways:
- manual activation
- activation via the detector tube
- remote driver side activation (optional)
The detector tube is designed to hold a standby pressure of 13 bar. In the event of a fire in the compartment, the tube will melt, and pressure will drop. As the pressure falls below 5 bar, the accumulator valve will be activated, and the water mist will discharge into the compartment, suppressing the fire. The tiny microdroplets of water created on release will fill the engine compartment, rapidly cooling and suppressing the fire. The relatively small quantity of water required to fill the space and the absence of corrosive or powder-based extinguishing agents means that downtime can be reduced to
a very minimum.

1. Passenger transport engine compartment Ultra Fog system scheme:

2. Vehicles engine fire protection system scheme:

The system is tested and approved according to SP METHOD 4912, UNECE R107