Water Mist systems for a Sustainable World

A post dedicated to World Water Day

One of the primary effects of climate change is the disruption of the water cycle. As the earth’s average temperature continues to rise, we can expect a significant impact on water resources with the potential for devastating effects on these resources. The World Resources Institute (WRI) updated its Global Water Risk Atlas revealing that 17 countries–home of a quarter of the world’s population–will face “extremely high” water stress within 20 years.

The water we use for water mist systems doesn’t contain any chemicals, and it’s clean and safe.

 High-pressure pumps force water through the stainless steel water mist nozzles, discharging the water in the form of millions of tiny droplets – typically 30 – 200 µm diameter. Compared to sprinkler systems, water mist systems are a sustainable way of fire protection: requires only minimal quantities of water and power, it is environmentally friendly, does not harm humans, doesn’t contribute to global warming, is lightweight, and reliable.

Water mist systems are flexible and can be incorporated into a whole range of different buildings which obviously includes sustainable buildings.

It goes without saying that the environment needs protection! And we are here to do it!