We participate in the Data Center World exhibition

For the first time, Ulta Fog is attending the Data Centre World fair that will take place in Paris from 23 to 24 November 2021. This is one of the biggest events in Europe dedicated to data centre experts, and to all companies that provide products and services for this industry.
Ultra Fog fire protection system is the perfect solution for the data centres because it uses pure water in minimal quantities to provide effective, rapid fire control and suppression. Compared to gaseous extinguishers, high-pressure water mist is a very economical solution that does not need cylinders replacement and takes up less space.
Ultra Fog’s high-pressure water mist system meets all demands and achieves very reliable effectiveness in this sensitive environment. Read more about in our brochure dedicated to the data centre fire protection that you can find in the brochures section http://www.ultrafog.com/media/brochures.