Ultra Fog’s advanced technology means that fire can be extinguished using only a fraction of the amount of water needed by conventional sprinkler systems.  Ultra Fog system react quickly to a fire event and extinguish effectively and fast, cooling the surrounding area to prevent re-ignition.  Tests prove that Ultra Fog is a highest performer when it comes to extinguishing fat fires in industrial oil fryers, or intensive oven fires.   Using pure clean water reduces the risk of germs or bacteria contamination as a result of the system discharge which further reduces damage to equipment and machinery as well as downtime.


Ultra Fog’s systems are flexible, compact and light weight, easy to install and economical to maintain.  Increased nozzle spacing and small piping dimensions and no need for large water storage tanks, passes a significant installation cost saving to the customer which places Ultra Fog at the top of its class in terms of value for money and lifetime system maintenance.