Ultra Fog offers flexible, custom engineered solutions for the Energy Industry.

Our system use reduced amounts of water to control and extinguish all types of fire and with the very low conductivity very well suited for protection into substations and transformers: Ultra Fog’s fast reaction, quick release, effective extinguishing can be integrated into other monitoring systems, e.g., fire detection and alarm systems.

We developed an entirely new product line engineered especially for the Turbine sector.  Ultra Fog has successfully performed, fire tests under FM 5560 Turbine and Engine room 260M3 Appendix C. All test fires were extinguished in less than 3 minutes.  This result is three times better than the Standard minimum requirements.  Such optimized performance is the result of Ultra Fog’s advanced technology, innovational design, and patented IP.

Benefits of the Ultra Fog Turbine Protection System:
-Reduced overall system weight and dimensions
-Advance cooling effect –  tests  demonstrate that the cooling effect of water spray follows natural air cooling curves, improving the  safety & protection of turbine machinery
- High-quality components tested and approved by FM to 5560 standard
-Flexible and custom designed solutions
- FULLY engineered to order
-Qualified engineers and experienced technical support