Oil & Gas

All the works performed on oil and gas drilling rigs are characterized by major fire and explosion risks. The jeopardies increase when crude oils, chemical products and sophisticated pieces of machinery are concentrated in a limited space.
A potential fire breakout can start quickly, sometimes without any warnings, making the preventing almost impossible. All the conditions mentioned above prescribe strict fire prevention and protection rules.

Ultra Fog’s high-pressure water mist systems are particularly suited to offshore applications, providing highly efficient, quick release fire protection, with extremely optimized use of water. Our technology uses only potable water for extinguishing the fire: this is a plus for the actual concerns regarding the preservation of the environment and diminution of used chemicals. 
We offer custom made solutions and state of the art engineering ideas for marine environments because every platform is unique. Stainless steel pipes and fittings, explosion-proof components, reduced system weight and dimensions together with our patented and approved nozzles will ensure the staff and the platform maximum safety levels.