Oil & Gas

Offshore oil and gas platforms are high-risk environments where a potential fire or explosion can have catastrophic consequences. The concentration of crude oils, chemical products, and sophisticated machinery in a limited space creates an environment where a small spark can quickly escalate into a major fire. As such, strict fire prevention and protection rules are crucial to safeguard the lives of workers and the assets of the company.

To address these risks, Ultra Fog's high-pressure water mist system provide an ideal solution for offshore applications. The system is highly efficient and quick to release, minimizing the spread of fires and helping to prevent potential disasters. Additionally, Ultra Fog's technology uses only potable water to extinguish fires, reducing the need for harsh chemicals that could harm the environment.

By using Ultra Fog's water mist system, offshore oil and gas platforms benefit from optimized water use, reducing the overall water consumption and protecting the environment. The use of potable water also reduces the need for costly and environmentally hazardous chemical fire suppressants.

In addition to providing advanced fire protection, Ultra Fog's system is easy to install, operate, and maintain, ensuring that offshore platforms have reliable and effective fire protection systems in place at all times.

We offer custom-made solutions and state-of-the-art engineering ideas for marine environments because every platform is unique. Stainless steel pipes and fittings, explosion-proof components, and reduced system weight and dimensions together with our patented and approved nozzles will ensure the staff and the platform maximum safety levels.