An essential factor for providing high-quality railway services is to emphasize the protection of people’s life, goods, and installations. In the unfortunate event a fire occurs, the train’s features must allow the passengers and the crew to reach the evacuation ways easily. In this case, the capability of the train to break fast is crucial.  Here, to avoid unhappy events, the fire extinguishing system, that is capable of early detection is the solution. Another critical factor is the environmentally friendly discharge - feature guaranteed by the Ultra Fog water mist fire extinguishing system.

Our portfolio includes delivered advanced fire safety solutions encompasses intelligent fire protection for rolling stock like high-speed trains, locomotives, and metro lines. We assure our customers that the UF system can quickly detect a fire and act fast before it spreads.

The system is easy to install, maintain, with minimum downtime in case of discharge.

Whether you are a train manufacturer or operator, we make sure that our fire safety solutions meet all your expectation.

In the position of the rolling stock manufacturer or operator you want to make sure that:

• You acquire reliable, fully equipped and ready to use solutions;

• Ensure that the operation of the stock is always flexible, continuous.

• Ensure the highest level of quality and safety for the passengers and the crew members.

With Ultra Fog you can achieve all of this by using a high-performance safety system.